Paper submission

We invite professionals, researchers, students and professors from Design and related fields, as well as representatives from the productive sector, NGOs and government to submit articles for presentation.


The SDS2021 is aimed at the wide spectrum of possibilities from Design to Sustainability, seeking to debate ideas and practices in the social, environmental and economic dimensions. Thus, submissions to the event range from approaches centered on materials, on the product or on the product + service system, to approaches centered on the socio-spatial scope, the socio-technical system and, also, biocentric approaches. Thus, it includes in its scope themes such as “design for sustainable behavior”, “biomimesis”, “product + service systems design”, “design for the base of the pyramid”, “design and social innovation”, “systemic design” , “design of transitions to sustainability”, “post-anthropocentric design”, “design and circular economy”, “design & distributed economy”, “design & open innovation” and “eco-design”.

For a better understanding of this spectrum of thematic possibilities, it is suggested to read the book “Design for Sustainability” by Fabrizio Ceschin and Idil Gaziulusoy (2020), available for free download on the website of Editora Routledge. It is also suggested to consult the books “Social Dimension …”, “Environmental Dimension …” and “Economic Dimension of Design for Sustainability”, developed by LeNS (Learning Network on Sustainability – Brazil) and made available free of charge on its website and digital version on the Insight Publisher website.


Attention: the paper submission process has been completed.

  • Launch of the Call: 12th April
  • Article submission: 28th June – Extended to 05/07
  • Evaluation result: 02nd August
  • Submission of the final version of the article: 23rd August
  • Final result of the evaluation process: 6th September
  • Submission of video presentation + infographic: 01st October
  • Event held: 1st, 2nd and 3rd December

Templates and links


What is the format and size of the video presentation?
The maximum time for the presentation is 5 minutes. The video is recorded in MP4 using the Presentation Template.
For more details, check the Guide for producing the videopresentation.
Why should I send an infographic and what is the required format?
The infographic of each article targets the event's social networks (Instagram and Linkedin). It is an illustrative image of the article content in the format of a post for social network, which may contain text, infographics, photos or diagrams.

Instructions for authors:
- Develop from one to three images that synthesize(s) and explain(s) in a simple way the content of the article.
- Use the white or black baseboard template, as shown in the examples.
- The final format of the image must be 1080 x 1350 pixels (considering the footer), with 72 dpi, in jpg or png.
- Fonts must not be less than 25 points.
- Send, together with the image(s), a text of up to 2,000 characters, including the title of the article and the name of the authors. 

Footer .ai, .pdf and jpg files, as well as examples are available at: Template for Article Infographic

Hint: You can use the Canva website to easily create the post images with the provided footer.jpg. It is a free tool.
How should I send the video presentation and infographic?
Both files must be sent to the organization via e-mail:
How should I submit the final version of the article?
This step of the process has already been completed.
How should I send the article's figures?
They must be legible and integrated in the body of the article.
Information about the event's proceedings, so far:
The proceedings will be produced in digital format only.